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Month: September 2018

iOS 13 Beta 5 Download

iOS 13 Beta 5 Download

Apple’s new operating system has begun to end. Now a period of 1-2 months, the remaining beta driver will immediately face the final version of iOS 13. A new update to all iPhone models on iPhone 5s and above, as well as the beta process has accelerated. Immediately after the updates released last week, iOS 13 Beta 5 was released.

With the release of iOS 13 Beta 5 for developers, we saw that Apple is one step closer to the final series. This version also has a significance. Some errors in the iOS 13 Beta 4 series are corrected in this series.

iOS 13

Apple has announced the latest version of iOS 13, the latest version of the mobile operating system it uses on iPhones, iPads and iPod touchers. The iOS 13 comes with both large and small changes. In our article you will find everything you need to know about iOS 13.

iOS 13 Beta 3 Download

Apple released iOS 13 Beta 3 for developers two weeks after launching its fourth beta release for test developers.

iOS 13 Beta 3 for devices with any beta of iOS 13 can be downloaded via OTA from the Settings> General> Software Update menu. For devices with iOS 13 installed for the first time, it is necessary to download and install the appropriate configuration profile from Apple profils Developer Center on iOS.

iOS 13.1 Beta 1 Download

Apple released iOS 13.1 Beta 1 for developers just a day after the release of iOS 13, the latest version of iOS software.

Registered Apple developers can download the new iOS 13.1 Beta version from Apple OTs Developer Center or download the appropriate configuration profile from the Developer Center and download them via OTA. You can go to Settings> General> Software Update menu to download the update.

iOS 13 Golden Master (GM) Download!

Apple has released the iOS 13 Golden Master (GM) version for developers and Beta software Program users.

Apple, the highly anticipated 12 September event today held. Many new products were introduced at the event, including the iPhone XI, iPhone XI Max.

Shortly after the completion of the event, the iOS 13 Golden Master (GM), bearing the same building number as the final release of the iOS 13, will be released next week.