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Month: December 2018

iOS 13.1 Release Date

iOS 13.1 Release Date

After the introduction of new smartphones, the iOS 13 release is moving to a new era. After a very short time it will be possible to see the iOS 13.1 operating system update being released and the first major update of the new version.

We have shared many times about the future of what’s new with the new version. At the bottom of your writing we will talk about the features we have previously shared. The reason why we are now launching the iOS 13.1 series once again is when the new version will be released. The most clear information on this issue has emerged today

iOS 13 installation: How to troubleshoot common problems

A significant amount of time has passed since the release of the iOS 13 operating system. However, the transition to the new OS version is still ongoing. Even though the iOS 12 series is a fast transition, usage rates are currently at 60%.

Many users are waiting for the first major update. We’ll probably see a much faster update process after iOS 13.1. As the update process continues in this way, we can see that the update errors continue. In particular, you can face some problems in the initial loading stages. In this article, we will look at the most common installation problems and solutions.

iOS 13 Beta 7 Download

As it should be for Monday, today a new version of iOS 13 Beta 7 download has become available for developers. It was a whole week to fix errors and add something new.

Let’s find out when exactly this version will be released and what’s new in it you can see when you install it on your device.

Released iOS 13 Beta 7

August 13, 2018 – this is the date that iOS 13 Beta 7 for developers came to light. Soon we are waiting for the public version and judging by experience, it should appear within 1-2 days.

UPDATE. Due to the incorrect operation of the OS on some devices, it was withdrawn. Therefore, we are waiting for the release of the normal version in the near future.

iOS 13 Will Changes All Features

iOS 13 Will Changes All Features

iOS 13 will be the newest mobile operating system to be released next year. So how does iOS 13 change iPhones? Apple has not made any statement about iOS 13 from now on; but according to sources near the company, what will the new iOS version change?

iPad for iOS 13 version of the tablet with many new features focused on the future is expressed. This includes a side-by-side view of the MacOS desktop operating system, as well as a renewed and more capable Files application. It also seems to be experiencing improvements in the way Apple Pencil works.