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Category: iOS 13 Beta

iOS 13 Beta 7 Download

As it should be for Monday, today a new version of iOS 13 Beta 7 download has become available for developers. It was a whole week to fix errors and add something new.

Let’s find out when exactly this version will be released and what’s new in it you can see when you install it on your device.

Released iOS 13 Beta 7

August 13, 2018 – this is the date that iOS 13 Beta 7 for developers came to light. Soon we are waiting for the public version and judging by experience, it should appear within 1-2 days.

UPDATE. Due to the incorrect operation of the OS on some devices, it was withdrawn. Therefore, we are waiting for the release of the normal version in the near future.

iOS 13 Beta 6 Download

iOS 13 Beta 6 Download

Apple continues the testing process for the iOS 13 release that was introduced at WWDC 2019. The iOS 13 Beta 6 was released in the final version of iOS 13 for a short time.

The iOS 13 beta versions were released every two weeks. Let’s remember the innovations offered before going into details. Introducing new mapping data in Beta 3, Apple has made significant innovations in Beta 5, such as removing battery health from the beta process, and verifying wireless charging for AirPods.

iOS 13.1 Beta 3 Download

Apple released iOS 13.1 Beta 3 for developers two weeks after the first Beta release of iOS 13.1 for developers.

Registered developers can download the latest Beta version of iOS 13.1 with OTA to download and install the appropriate configuration profile from Apple iles Developer Center. It is sufficient to go to Settings> General> Software Update menu in order to download and install the update to the devices with configuration profile installed.

iOS 13.1 Beta 2 Download

The first major update for iOS 13 comes. First, the publication process of the iOS 13.1 update has started. In the new publication process, beta 1 version was first encountered. With the release of beta 1 released in the past weeks, the Group FaceTime feature wasn’t important. Apart from that, some error arrangements were made. Now a new beta version has been published. After 2 weeks, iOS 13.1 beta 2 was released.

iOS 13 Beta 5 Download

iOS 13 Beta 5 Download

Apple’s new operating system has begun to end. Now a period of 1-2 months, the remaining beta driver will immediately face the final version of iOS 13. A new update to all iPhone models on iPhone 5s and above, as well as the beta process has accelerated. Immediately after the updates released last week, iOS 13 Beta 5 was released.

With the release of iOS 13 Beta 5 for developers, we saw that Apple is one step closer to the final series. This version also has a significance. Some errors in the iOS 13 Beta 4 series are corrected in this series.