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iOS 13 Download

iOS 13 Concept

As the world’s largest technology company, Apple, the latest version of the mobile operating system iOS 12 aside from the development of the interface, especially the “old” iPhone and iPad focused on improving the performance of models. This preference of Apple has increased the expectations for iOS 13, which is still a year of introduction.

Apple has not yet provided a clue as to what will happen in iOS 13. But Jacob Rendina’s release of the consept iOS 13 video tells us what kind of a mobile operating system we should expect. The most important features expected from iOS 13 Dark Mode, advanced multitasking and Always on Display. Also the main screen is refreshing for user experience improvement.

Another feature noteworthy in the iOS 13 concept is the application locking and shortcuts. With the application lock feature, you can lock applications independently of the screen lock. Thus, even if you give your phone to a friend for review, it is not possible to enter applications you do not want.

iOS 13.1 is Out!

The iOS 13.1, which has been in beta for some time, was released immediately after Apple’s special event. Note that the new update that adds features like Group FaceTime is available for all users. If you have a supported model, you can install the new update immediately. Let’s see how the installation process is done and which models are supported.

iOS 13.1 Beta 3 Download

Apple released iOS 13.1 Beta 3 for developers two weeks after the first Beta release of iOS 13.1 for developers.

Registered developers can download the latest Beta version of iOS 13.1 with OTA to download and install the appropriate configuration profile from Apple iles Developer Center. It is sufficient to go to Settings> General> Software Update menu in order to download and install the update to the devices with configuration profile installed.

iOS 13.1 Beta 2 Download

The first major update for iOS 13 comes. First, the publication process of the iOS 13.1 update has started. In the new publication process, beta 1 version was first encountered. With the release of beta 1 released in the past weeks, the Group FaceTime feature wasn’t important. Apart from that, some error arrangements were made. Now a new beta version has been published. After 2 weeks, iOS 13.1 beta 2 was released.

iOS 13 Beta 5 Download

iOS 13 Beta 5 Download

Apple’s new operating system has begun to end. Now a period of 1-2 months, the remaining beta driver will immediately face the final version of iOS 13. A new update to all iPhone models on iPhone 5s and above, as well as the beta process has accelerated. Immediately after the updates released last week, iOS 13 Beta 5 was released.

With the release of iOS 13 Beta 5 for developers, we saw that Apple is one step closer to the final series. This version also has a significance. Some errors in the iOS 13 Beta 4 series are corrected in this series.