How to Delete Embedded Apple Applications on iOS 13

The iOS 13 operating system continues to offer small, but notable, tips for users. In this article, we will give a small hint for the users who have storage space shortages. How to delete built-in Apple Applications? Let’s take a look at how we can benefit from this area by deleting these applications.

iOS 13 Deleting Built-in Apple Applications

Simple to do to delete built-in Apple applications. iOS 13 Built-in Apple The first thing you’ll do to delete apps is to specify the application you want to delete and to highlight it. We will share below which applications you can delete. Let’s move on.

-Gently click on the application and hold it down until the application starts to vibrate.
-Click on the application and immediately after the asında “Delete” and tab.
-Finally press the home screen button.

Can We Restore Applications?

The most important detail to know about the Apple applications that you delete is that you can easily restore these applications. iOS 13 Built-in Apple When you delete applications, all user data is also deleted. It is still possible to reinstall applications.

-Log in to the App Store.
-Find and reinstall the application.
-Tap the cloud icon to install the application and wait for the installation of the applications to complete.

Which Applications Can You Delete?
Let’s see what applications you can delete. Of course Apple does not allow any built-in applications to be deleted. The list offered for this is as follows;

-Apple Books
-iTunes store
-Voice Notes
-Photo Booth
-Weather forecast
-Find my friends
Let’s look at what happens when we delete these applications before we finish writing. In other words, what is the situation when we erase applications?

If the calculator is deleted, the calculator section on the control center will not appear.
Deleted Podcasts are not used in the CarPlay system.
If you have a device connected to Apple Watch, the apps you delete from your device will also be removed from the Apple Watch home screen.
The 3 items are included in Apple’s descriptions. You may also face different situations. Just like the complete disappearance of the data.

iOS 13 You can ask us about your comments about how to delete built-in Apple Applications.

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