iOS 13.1 is Out!

The iOS 13.1, which has been in beta for some time, was released immediately after Apple’s special event. Note that the new update that adds features like Group FaceTime is available for all users. If you have a supported model, you can install the new update immediately. Let’s see how the installation process is done and which models are supported.

What does iOS 13.1 Update offer?

Together with the new update, we have already mentioned how features are coming. You can access these features below. Let’s consider the innovations with short reminders. With iOS version 13.1, the Group FaceTime feature has been introduced.

In addition, an arrangement has been made for the depth perception feature and after this arrangement, you can use the depth perception feature while shooting. New innovations such as emojis, Animoji and memoji have come.

How to Download a Version?

It is quite simple to do how to install the new update. You only need to check for updates for iOS 13.1 from Settings> Software and update. You will see the update after checking in this section. You can also download updates via iTunes.

Models Supported by Update
Xs, Xs Max, XR
8 and 8 Plus
7 and  7 Plus
6s and 6s Plus
6 and 6 Plus
Mini 2,3,4
Air 2
iPod Touch

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