iOS 13.2 Download

Apple’s expected event took place at the end. Immediately after the event, where the brand announced its new services, an important move for the iOS operating system came. Immediately after the release of iOS 13.2 download version was released.

With the release of the new version expected for the second major update for a long time, all iOS 13.2 changes have been clarified. Let’s take a look at how the new version brings innovations without extending it.

What’s New with iOS 13.2?

With the final version coming after 6 beta versions, it was less known what to offer. But after the release of the release notes, all the details were clarified. Let’s mention the release notes of the new operating system update without further ado.


With this release, 4 new animations are in use. Shark, giraffe, owl, wild boar animojises ​​were also available.


The warning system has changed. Alerts are now displayed when loading encrypted web pages. In addition, when the credentials are automatically filled in, direct input is performed.

AirPods 2

After the new update, the AirPods have also been edited. Support for devices is now available for second-generation headphones.

Apart from all these innovations, let’s add that the iOS 13.2 version includes general performance improvements and edits. We can also say that the update is 830 MB in size and closes many other vulnerabilities.


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