iOS 13 Beta, Release Date and Compatible Devices

iOS 13 Release Date

According to rumors, iOS 13 will be available inthe 19th of September next year. It is mean that Apple Company will bereleasing their latest iOS 13 after official latest iPhone 11 presentation keynote in the 17th of September 2019. The next model of iPhone will be withthe latest specs and features.

  • ios 13 release date- 19th of September 2019
  • ios 13 beta release date will bein 12th June 2019.

iOS 13 Beta

With the iOS12’s successful release, Apple is expected to do great with their exclusive iOS 13. A known contributorrevealed that the iOS 13 beta cool features are particularly tailored in greatcompatibility to iPads. These ar A known contributorrevealed that the iOS 13 beta cool features are particularly tailored in greatcompatibility to iPads. e brand new quality home screen, multiplewindows, enhanced apps, files app, tabs in MAcOS apps and more enhanced Applepencil. The company combines mobile operating systems and API of its desktop. This allows iOS applications to work on Mac.

The Compatibility of iOS 13

This could work with many different windows coming from same applications. Therefore, openings the two pages side by sidewill not be a dilemma anymore. You can now finally say goodbye to stressful compatibility is sues and hassles. Apple CEO mocked the concept of iOS integration and macOS. These exclusive cross-platform applications play a vitalrole in offering smoother UI in wide range of devices.

Each update of Apple regarding its servicescreates great noise in the market. With its exclusive iOS 13 that will bereleased next year, users all over the world are truly excited. Everybody hopesthat the newest version that will enhance user experience. The release ishighly anticipated and this will be available very soon. Individuals are giventhe assurance that this is tailored to the unique needs of users.

iOS 13 Beta

Have you heard about this iOS 13? Many individuals are aware of the release next year and iOS 13 Beta is believed tobe one of the biggest highlights of new versions of Apple and has awell-redesigned home screen. And aside from this, ios 13 Beta carries with itenormous benefits that individuals’ cannot afford to miss.

To learn more about the iOS 13 Beta, take a look of the following features to increase your familiarity:


Apple believes that the performance of iOS 13 will be the main tasks and poor quality smarthphone will ultimately affect excellent iOS 13 games and apps. The newest iOS 13 is perfectly-optimized for different versions and models increasing quality and productivity of tablets and smartphones. This simply means that iPhone 7 and other older devices will effectively work on iOS 13.


This can easily configure notifications which help iPhone users prevent distractions from important cases. If you’re in a meeting or conference, you will surely not be disturbed by advertising messages. This does not enable you to configure such function in the lock screen but can also help in comfortably and conveniently managing configurations.

Photo Sharing

Are you fond of taking pictures or does your iPhone contains have over 20,000 photos and it’s difficult for you and uncomfortable in finding a particular picture? If yes, you can resort to iOs 13, because this guarantees that everything will be different. You can easily identify images that you need within one snap.


These days, individuals store highly confidential information on their respective smartphones. With technological advancements, hacking such data has turned out so easy and individuals would surely do not want their information to fall into the wrong hands. The company strived really hard to develop the iOs 13 privacy feature and this is expected to be the most reliable, secure and exclusive version of Apple.

iOS 13 Download

Apple makes countless iPhone users happyevery year and with their next iOS release, users will be even happier. With the iOS 13 Beta, the company will not disappoint their users and theircustomers instead, they will be surprised with the company’s latest offers. This 2019 iOS will deliver amazing functions which will bring everybody’sexperience to the highest level.

Before you take time to learn where you can download this iOS 13, it pays to get familiar with the newest version. Apple believes iOS 13 will have great functions and performance. This has been optimized for the new iPads, iPhones, iPhone 7, iPhone X and more. Because of the productivity and quality, even older models will work efficiently on iOS 13.

Now that you are already aware about thecoolest and impressive features of iOs 13, it’s high time to know where you canreliably download this newest version. Luckily, this can now be accessed anddownloaded in all-supported iPad models and iPhone models. As soon as the iOS 13 Beta is available you can download it at once and expect for smoother andbetter user experience.

More about the iOS 13 Beta

Upon the successful launch of iOs 12, more iPad users get more excited about the launch of iOs 13. This will be focused on iPads and the biggest highlight is its redesigned home screen. There have been reports that users will be provided with new home screen that comes equipped with latest updates in the core apps including improvements on picture taking, photo editing, picture taking and many other sharing experiences.

The present form of the iPad’s home screen works just fine. Nevertheless, screen space should have been maximized. This is the reason redesigning iOs will mainly focus on iPad. The redesign of the newest home screen was planned originally for iOs 12 however, the company decided to push back the release of such feature which is timely for the release of iOs 13. This aims to also focus on stability, bug fixes, improvements and performance.

The Great iOS 13 Features

One of the notable features of iOS 13 is its ability to employ wide range of windows of enhanced files app. It has been found out that this 2019 iOS comes equipped with in-apps tabs which are closely similar to macOS applications. It is rumored that the company will improve its Apple Pencil. Probably, second-generation Apple Pencil will be readily available.

Apple plans to introduce cross-platform support. This cross-platform applications can help company deliver more convenient experiences all across different compatible devices. Many individuals will surely benefit from iOS 13 in many ways. Apple, along with this newest launch will surely change or even revolutionized customers’ Apple experience.

If you wish to learn more about iOS 13 , there are lots of reliable pieces of information you can check online.

iOS 13 Compatible Devices

Apple is in full force to launch the 1stbeta version of iOS 13 at the coming WWDC 2019 that’s set to take place on 12th June 2019.   Apple and mobile app users areanticipating the launch to be superb due to its advanced operating system. Userswill have an edge if their devices arecompatible with the iOS 13. The launch of the iOS 13 offers a turning point fornew upgrades that people would love to see.

When it comes to the iOS 13 compatibility, it’s good to note the devices that are compatible with the upcoming mobilesystem.  Is your device capable of downloading the beta update as soon as it’s launched in the market? But, it’s hard to say the devices that arecompatible with the iOS 13.  But, some devices have compatibility with the new iOS. 

Let’s take a look at this list and find out.

Compatible iPhones 

Users of the iPhone X or iPhone 8 is in fora surprise as these devices, and otheriPhones are compatible with the iOS 13. You can expect to use these devices conveniently when the iOS 13 finallyarrives next year. Here are few of the compatible iPhones that you might want to check out.

  • XS Max
  • XS
  • 8 Plus
  • X
  • 8
  • 7
  • 7 Plus
  • 6s
  • 6s Plus 

Compatible iPads 

Are you using the iPad Mini 2?  Then, you’re lucky because this iPad and other devices on the list are compatible with the iOS 13.  Most of these devices on the list have a 64-bit application that makes it compatible with the upcoming mobile system.

  • 5th Generation
  • 6th  Generation
  • Pro 9.7 inch
  • Pro 10.5 inch
  • Mini 2,3,4
  • Air,2
  • Pro 12.9 inch  2nd Generation
  • Pro 12.9 inch 1st Generation

Compatible iPods 

Since the iOS 13 supports only 64-bit application, you can expect there’s only one iPod that’s included in the list – the iPod Touch 6. If you’re using this device, then you’re lucky because you have the advantage of using the iOS 13.  

Apple would give a big surprise when the iOS 13 finally hits the market this year.  Apple users would only be thrilled but also excited to see the device they’re using is compatible with the iOS 13. The new mobile system is sure to bring delight to all Apple users in different parts of the world. If you don’t have an Apple device yet, now is the time to buy one in the nearest Apple store.

But, if you’re iPhone or iPod is not compatible with the iOS 13, you might want to consider an upgrade for you to enjoy the latest features of the new iOS. From here, you have a chance to feel the edge of having features. Are you excited to use any Apple devices that are compatible with the iOS? It’s your time to consider your options for buying an Apple device. Embrace new satisfaction with the upcoming iOS 13.

iOS 13 Features

iOS had just been launched last year, but as ithas always been the case with Apple Company, users are already discussing iOS 13, which isn’t going to see the light of the day until a year and a half. But, it does not stop the users and pundits from expectations and speculations. A major leak just in the opening of the year 2018 has set the way for Yukon or iOS 13.

Annually, Apply makes the consumer happy with therelease of their new operating system. Now, I suggest that you bring yourselfinto a light with the most popular features of the advanced iOS 13. AppleCompany always surprises users, so in the latest iOS 13, you’ll find newfunctions each day that you don’t know about.


People think that the iOS performance is themajor task in the smartphone. You can have a good iPhone and install a superbiOS 12 applications and games, however, if the phone will function slowly, allthese excellent iOS 13 games and apps will not work fine. The latest operatingsystem has been optimized not just for latest series of iPhones, and iPad’ssuch as iPad Pro and iPhone X, but also for previous models such as iPhone 7.Due to this development, the quality and productivity of tablets andsmartphones increased. So, meaning that your old iPhone will work on the latest OS version efficiently and quickly.

Quality of the Camera

People like to be photographed. Each second, lots of tablets and iPhones owners make billions of pictures. They want to make photos more quality as well as put in new filters and effects. In the latest iOS13, iPhone users can do it with pleasure. Also, in the latest version, the company added new functions, more filters as well as effects. Your pictures will be more attractive and amazing.

Screen Time

The world is moving fast that sometimes youforget how long you spend online browsing Instagram for new posts, checkinglatest feeds on Facebook or watching videos on YouTube. In the previousgeneration of the iPhone operating system, it is likely to monitor the numberof time spend with your preferred games and apps. In the latest version, thecompany went further and enhanced these functions. With iOS 13, you will alwaysknow the number of time your created messages or how long you spent onFacebook. As a result, with the assistance of the latest version of iOS, youcan manage your time more productively.

Home Screen

The home screen on an iPhone is a place where youspend most of your time. If the whole thing in your iPhone is scattered, it isso hard for you to look for the right photos and applications. In Apply knowsit, so always with trembling to relate to the developments on your iPhone homescreen. Keep in mind how many discussions there were after the company changedthe style of the icon on the iPhone in iOS 7. However, you’re accustomed, andnow it has become all convenient for everyone. The latest version will not havea new button design; however will work more quickly and flawlessly. iOS 13 hasexciting and cool home screen design.


The capability to organize notifications in the latest version of Apple operating system will help to stay away from distractions from significant cases. If you’re at a company meeting, you’ll not be bothered by an ad SMS which offers you to purchase a new home appliance. You can arrange all these functions on the lock screen. Configure notifications you’ll become even more convenient. Some, don’t like it when they sleep and they are worried about people they don’t know. Now they will not get them at night.

Do Not Disturb

When the company integrated this essential featureinto its mobile phones, it caused lots of happy and fantastic messages on theowners of iPhones. People have long waited for this feature, and now you’reused to it which without it you don’t represent your iPhones very well. In thelatest iOS 13, you have the ability to arrange or organize this function in fulldetail. You can’t simply adjust the duration and time, but can alsoperiodically integrated it at a specific time. Do Not Disturb is the latestfeature of iOS 13.

Photo Sharing

You have thousands of pictures on your iPhone, andthis only means that if you want to look for a specific image, it is extremelyhard for you to do it. Most of the time, it takes an hour to spend the time tolook for it. It’s very time consuming and uncomfortable. The issue is that on adaily basis, in your phone are getting bigger and bigger. So, meaning that’simpossible to look for the right image. The latest iOS 13 look in the photoapplication should help you. Search not just for the individual, but alsosubject will be more convenient and easier for you.


In your iPhone, for sure there are lots of confidential files. You don’t want it to leak or fall into the wrong hands. In the latest version, there’s a considerable leap in the subject of confidentiality and privacy. Apple Company knows that the latest version of the operating system must be the most secure OS of apple. The latest version forbids the collection of information that user leave when entering confidential information.  Nobody can listen to your discussion until you switch on this opportunity also nobody can enter your world without a password. Once you lost or misplace your iPhone, you can always shield your information in the iCloud service.

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