iOS 13 Comes With Dark Mode Feature

OLED display technology is preferred by more smartphone manufacturers every day. So much so; OLED screens, which can only be seen on premium smartphones at one time, are now being used on mid-level smartphones. Manufacturers prefer OLED displays as well as hardware and software enhancements.

In OLED display technology, pixels in that part of the screen are turned off to create a black color. The more black images on OLED displays, the higher the power savings. This critical information has brought with it a very important development for operating systems and applications: Dark Mode.

Google has brought the dark mode to the mobile operating system with the Android Pie. Almost all Android phones that will be available in 2019 and the majority of Android phones released in 2018 will have a dark fashion across the system. Apple plans to offer users the darkest mode along with iOS 13.

PhoneArena shared concept images about how the iPhone 11 with iOS 13 will look. Shared visuals provide some insight into how Apple works on a dark-mode interface, and gives us an insight into how the iPhone 11, which is particularly curious about design, will look.

According to the concept images based on the rumors, Apple does not give up the notches with the iPhone 11. However, compared to the iPhone Xs, the future is much smaller. Display frames are still thicker than the Samsung and Huawei flagships. In addition, the latest design of the triple rear camera is similar to the iPhone Xs.

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