iOS 13 Dark Mode (Video)

As the world’s largest technology company, Apple, the latest version of the mobile operating system iOS 12, aside from the development of the interface, especially the “old” iPhone and iPad models focused on improving performance. This preference of Apple has increased the expectations for ios13, which is still a year of introduction.

Apple has not yet provided a clue as to what will happen in iOS 13. But Jacob Rendinainis portrait of the consept iOS 13 video tells us how to expect a mobile operating system. The most important features expected from iOS 13 Dark Mode, advanced multitasking and Always on Display. Also the main screen is refreshing for user experience improvement.

Another noteworthy feature in the iOS 13 concept is the application locking and shortcuts. With the application lock feature, you can lock applications independently of the screen lock. Thus, even if you give your phone to a friend for review, it is not possible to enter applications you do not want.

Concept iOS 13 also has very serious improvements for iPads. With advanced multitasking, you can open an app in a window and use it as a computer in your device. Let us say without you saying; yes, this feature already exists on Android. But we know that Apple makes it late, it does exactly.

You can view the design and features of the concept iOS 13 from Jacob Rendina from the link below. What do you expect from iOS 13? You can share with us and other Webtekno followers by commenting on the features you want Apple to add to iOS 13 and the developments you want to do.

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