iOS 13 Download, Release Date, Beta and Features

iOS 13 Release Date

With the successful release of iOS 12, Apple can exceed the pros on iOS 13. This year, we have heard speculations about the September 12 OS along with cool features. A Bloomberg Contributor Mark Gurman said that iOS 13’s features are specially tailored to iPads. These are a brand new home screen, enhanced apps, multiple windows, files app, tabs in the MacOS apps, and improved Apple pencil. The company would also combine the API of its desktop and mobile operating systems. This enables iOS apps to work on Mac.

iOS 13 Release Date

According to reports, iOS 13 release will be next year. The long wait will be over soon. All the newest and the coolest features will be available in 2019. Users around the world only need to wait for more than a few months to give well-redesigned home screen and Apple pencil a try. It’s true than iOS 12 is around the corner and the Yukon will bring a variety of exciting features to iPads in the future.

iOS 13 Compatibility

The iOS 13 could work with different windows from the same application. So, opening two pages side by side will no longer be a dilemma. You can say bye to all compatibility issues and other hassles. Earlier this year, Apple CEO Tim Crook, mocked the concept of macOS and iOS integration. This cross platform apps could play a vital role in providing a smoother UI in an array of devices.

iPhone models compatible with iOS 13

  • XS
  • XS Max
  • XR
  • X
  • 8
  • 8 Plus
  • 7
  • 7 Plus
  • 6s
  • 6s Plus
  • SE

Every update of Apple in its services create noise on the market. With its iOS 13 that will be released in 2019, users around the world are excited. Everyone hopes that the new version will improve user experience. Fortunately, it will be a few months away before the release. For those who can’t wait, don’t worry because it will be available as soon as possible. Perhaps, it will be more tailored to everyone’s unique needs.

iOS 13 Beta

Have you heard about the iOS 13 Beta? Of course, you know it will be released in 2019. Perhaps, you are aware of what Mark Gurman of Bloomberg Contributor said that the biggest highlight of the new version of Apple is a well-redesigned home screen. Aside from that, it has other advantages that you cannot afford to miss. Take a close look at the following.


Apple believes that the iOS 13 performance will be its main task and a poor quality smartphone will extremely affect excellent iOS 13 apps and games.

The new iOS 13 is well-optimized for models of different versions, increasing the productivity and quality of smartphones and tablets. This means that iPhone 7 and other older devices will work on iOS 13 efficiently.


iOS 13 can configure notifications that help iPhone users avoid distractions from most important cases. If you are at a conference meeting, you won’t be disturbed by an advertising SMS. Not only can you configure these functions on the lock screen, it can also help you manage notifications comfortably.

Photo Sharing

Do you love taking pictures? Does your iPhone have more than 20,000 photos? Then, it’s difficult and uncomfortable to find a certain picture. In iOS 13, it will be different. You can identify the image you need within a snap


Today, people store confidential information in their smartphones. With the advancement of technology, hacking these data is easy and iPhone users don’t want to fall these information into the wrong hands. The company has been trying to develop the privacy feature of iOS 13 and it’s going to be the most secure version Apple in the history.

For those who can’t wait the release of iOS 13, don’t worry because it is just a few months away!  Of all the iOS versions, perhaps, it will be the best.

iOS 13 Download

Every year, Apple makes iPhone users happy with the new iOS release. Next year, the company will release iOS 13 and it’s good to study it in detail. Of course, the company does not disappoint their customers. They always surprise users around the globe. The 2019 iOS will have amazing functions that will bring everyone’s experience up to the highest level.

Before we learn where to download iOS 13, it’s good to know the new version. Apple believes that iOS 13 will have a functional and great performance. It has been optimized for new iPhones, and iPads such as iPad Pro, iPhone X, and iPhone 7. Because of this quality and productivity, older models will work on iOS 13 efficiently.

iOS 13 Release Date

IPhone users know that iOS 13 will have a redesigned home screen. Aside from that, there are other things to expect. These include camera quality, screen time, notifications, privacy, and photo-sharing. Of course, everyone loves to take pictures. Studies show that millions of iPhone and tablet owners create billions of photos and videos every second. With the company’s commitment to quality, they add more filters, new effects, and awesome functions. This makes photos even more attractive than before.

Today, the world is moving so fast. Sometimes you may forget how long you spend on the Internet, including Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and other social media platforms. With iOS 12 of Apple, you can monitor the time you spend with your apps and games. In 2019 iOS, the function will be far different.  Thus, planning your time productively will be much easier than expected.

Where to Download iOS 13?  

So now that you know the coolest features of iOS 13, it’s the perfect time to know where to download the new version. Luckily, you can download it in all supported iPhone models and iPad models.

There you have it! Download iOS 13 once it’s available. A smoother user experience is what you can expect!

iOS 13 Features

After the launch of iOS 12 in June, iPad users are more excited with the next year’s iOS 13. According to Mark Gurman, Bloomberg contributor, iOS 14 features will be focused on the iPads. He said that the version is code-named “Yukon.” Its biggest highlight will be a more redesigned home screen.

Also, Axios reported that iOS 13 would bring a new home screen with updates in core apps, including Mail and improvements to picture-taking, photo editing, and other sharing experiences.

The current form of iPad home screen works fine. However, the screen space could be maximized. That’s why the redesign of iOS 13 will focus on the iPad. Gurman said that the new home screen was originally planned for iOS 12. But the company has pushed back the release of these features next year. This is to focus on performance, stability improvements, and bug fixes.

iOS 13

Other iOS 13 features are the ability to employ a variety of windows of a revamped files app. The company introduced this app with iOS 11. So, an update would unfortunately come without a surprise. It is said that the 2019 iOS will have in-app tabs that are quite similar to the macOS apps. It is also rumored that the company will improve the Apple Pencil. Perhaps the second-generation Apple pencil will be available.

Apple would also introduce the cross-platform support in the same year, according to John Gruber of Daring Fireball. CEO Tim Cook has mocked the idea of combining iOS and macOS. These cross-platform apps could help the company provide a more convenient experience across different devices.

The iOS 13 release date is more than a year away. Users across the world will learn about its features as they get closer to its release. Perhaps, it’s going to change Apple’s customer experience.


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