iOS 13 New Design

Apple was developing the iOS 12 release introduced late last year and preferred to improve the operating system in terms of performance and efficiency, rather than improving the iOS experience. Therefore, iPhone and iPad users’ expectations for iOS 13 is slightly higher than normal.

Apple, iOS 13 version will take place a few months after the WWDC 2019 event will introduce users. As the company focused on performance improvements over the past year, a number of new features and interface updates are expected to be available to users on this year’s iOS release.

Designer Leo Vallet, iOS 13 related to a number of new features shared concept images. These are of course a dark mode that covers the entire device interface. But the most important detail in Vallet’s concept is that this dark mode can be easily switched on and off from the display brightness setting in the control center.

Another detail of Vallet’s design is the integration of the multitasking menu with the control center. In this way, when you open the control center, you can see the quick settings at the bottom, and the applications that are open in the background are displayed. Many users will certainly be satisfied with such a feature.

The last change is in the direction of improving the volume-down interface. The iOS 12 is an extremely large and has an unmute audio-down interface. With iOS 13, Apple can offer a much cleaner and eye-popping sound cut-out interface.

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