iOS 13 Redesign and Rumors

Numerous iPhone Users know that the iOS 13 will have a redesigned home screen. But aside from this redesign news, there are a lot more things to expect. These include but not limited to the screentime, quality camera, photo sharing, notifications and more. It cannot bedenied that almost all individuals are fond of taking pictures. In line with this, it has also been found out that millions of individuals all over theworld are tablet and iPhone owners and they create billions of videos andphotos in every second. With the commitment of company to quality, they decidedto add new effects, more filters and much awesome functions. These paved wayfor more beautiful and impressive pictures than before.

The world is moving too fast. There areinstances that they might forget how long you actually spend online especiallyin social media sites. With the iOS 12, you will be able to monitor how long you spend time with your games and apps. In 2019, functions will be ultimately different. Proper time management or planning time productively will be a loteasier than what‘s expected.

The Newest Features and Redesign of iOS 13

The iOS 13 depicts modern updates and iOSrenewal. The iOS 13 redesign guarantees more improved performance even on older devices. This has been considered as something that also symbolized great innovation andexcellent user experience. These are all the things that you can expect from iOS13.

The following are outstanding features that set iOS 13 apart from all the rest:


This is some how challenging mainly because of the amazing news that must come with iOS 13 coolest and newest features. There are those wishing that the new features ofthe iOS should be compatible with similar devices as the iOS 12 compatibleones. More likely , numerous devices like iPhone 5s are out of such update however, many individuals are hopeful that Apple will keep all of them for theyears to come.

Rest assured that with iOS 13, individuals can expect for broader compatibilities and compatibility even with older devices.

Dark Mode

In recent years, this has been the highly sought for features and Apple still fail to offer this to its iOS users. Interestingly, the most interesting novelties of macOS Mojave which is the Dark Mode which Apple is rumored to not giving this on iPhone.

The rumors regarding theDark Mode in iOS are old and some would even say that this rumor is no longer mentioning. Instead, individuals are hopeful that the new features of iOS 13will include the arrival of Dark Mode to iPad and iPhone.

Out of the Volume Banner

This has been there ever since the iOS beginning. When the volume is lowered or raised enormous pictures tend to appear in the middle of the screen which covers what individuals are seeing. What could be the reason Apple is doing this. There are many different ways to show individuals the least intrusive in the home screen.

iPad Pro  Improvements

The newest iPad Pro is viewed to be more powerful over most computers however, still utilizes the same OS as iPad mini for over 4 years. If the company (Apple) wanted to enhance their iPAd Pro, it’s an alternative to computers; iOS 13 must be an imperative leap. This might interest some but is this really worth buying? These days that USB C has finally arrived,  Apple should consider opening its system so third parties can utilize this port for more than just importing photos.

Synchronization of the Notifications

If you own a number of Apple devices such as iPad, iPhone and more, you surely have caught yourself in thissituation. Notifications reach these devices alike and though you have read the notification once, this remains on the center. Consider other relevant things, Apple devices wonderfully work together but in terms of dealing and managingnotifications, the situation is not like that. But hopefully, the iOS willbring the solution.

iOS 13 is Rumored to Have a Completely New Home Screen

The development of iOS 13 has been revealedrecently. There have been iOS 13 rumors allegedly coming from a contributor statingthat the development of iOS 13 will bring individuals a new home screen that iscompletely redesigned. This statement tends to align with an earlier report claimingthis software will revamp the home screen and then bring enhanced improvementsinto core apps like the Mail. This would also update picture taking, sharing aswell as photo-editing experiences.

The newest design of the home screen is called “Springboard” and this focuses on iPad. The present home screen leaves lots of unused screen spaces which guarantee much better use and the new layout enhances the productivity for users of iPad. iOS 13 is said to come equipped with in-apps tabs same as the tabs on macOS applications that further enhance multi-tasking. Users can also run the app side by side or in a split view mode.

Other Rumored iOS 13 Features

Improvements of Apple Pencil are also set. Apple Pencil was released in 2015 and can update stylus next year. There’s bit information as to how Apple will improve stylus though. iOS 13 can also bring lots of new emojis. Emoji Consurtium was released and this was considered emoji candidates for the year 2019.

These include cold and hot faces, varietyof hair options and skin colors. More animals and food items are also included.Some individuals may not know it but Apple is actually a member of EmojiConsortium through the company’s association with Unicode Working Group. Ittherefore becomes highly exciting to know what new symbols will be adopted by Apple on its exclusive iOS 13.  

It is just fair to say that iOS 13 issomething that many individuals are looking forward to. Lots can change betweennow  and the present time. But as thelaunch of iOS 13 comes closer, there is lot more to discover. You can visit online if you wish to learn more about the rumors and facts regarding iOS 13.


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