iOS 13 Release Date

iOS 13 Release Date

Apple introduced its new devices and new services with the event organized yesterday. The launch date for iOS 13, announced in June at the WWDC 2019 event, is also announced. Users will be able to download and use iOS 13 on September 17th.

Whether you want to use an iPhone or iPad, iOS is always faster and more responsive than everyday things like opening a camera or typing on a keyboard will be faster than ever. Many improvements were made.

In FaceTime you can see 32 people at the same time. FaceTime now supports video and voice calls with up to 32 people at the same time. The image of the person talking at the moment grows automatically so that the conversation can be easily followed. You can start the group FaceTime directly from a group of posts in the Messaging application, or you can join an active call whenever you want.

iPhone Xs is getting a brand new and customizable Animo feature. Now you can create a Memoji that fits your personality and mood, and create characters you can use in Messaging and FaceTime applications.

In Phone X you can choose from four new Animojs, koala, tiger, ghost and T. rex to add some fun to your postscript or FaceTime search. Blink, even tongue.


You can easily create and share photos or videos with Animoji, Memoji, cool filters, animated text effects, fun extras and much more.


ARKit 2 enables developers to create enhanced reality (AR) experiences that are both more impressive and that many people can experience at the same time. The AR objects can also be displayed in the real world, sent via Messages and Mail. And with the new AR application in iOS, you can even measure the dimensions of objects in the real world by simply pointing your camera at you.


Display Time is a brand new feature that helps you and your kids learn more about when they’re using apps, visiting websites, or when they spend their devices in general use. In short, it’s now up to you to efficiently manage the time spent using your iPhone or iPad.


While the DisplaySize feature gives you more information about your habit of using your devices, the notification management in iOS 13 gives you a whole new way to reduce your attention throughout the day. Now you can manage your notifications in real time from the Lock Screen, send notifications from a specific application to the Notification Center, or turn it off entirely. Moreover, Siri also has intelligent suggestions about them based on your habits of interacting with warnings. It is also much easier to see what is important at a glance, since correspondence and notification are grouped together.

iOS 13 offers you more ways to manage your notifications than ever. There can be times when you do not want to be disturbed by any warning, message or search. You can now set the Do Not Disturb feature during a specific meeting or a position you are in. Moreover, when you’re done with your activity or when you leave that particular location, the Do Not Disturb feature automatically closes.


The New For You tab shows the best moments from your photo archive and offers you smart suggestions to share photos with people in those moments. Moreover, if these people are using iOS 13, it is suggested that they share the photos they take with them in the same way.


Search suggestions are a whole new way to find a picture you are looking for, or to rediscover a wonderful moment that you forget. Before you even start writing, you can view suggestions for events, people, and places that you’ve recently made. And as you continue to write, the results will become smarter and more accurate. You can add multiple keywords, making your search more specific.


Use shortcuts to simplify things you do most often. Siri now offers smart shortcuts for you by intelligently matching your daily routines with third-party applications. When you need it. So, if you usually get coffee when you go to work, your Siri routine is learning and suggesting it from the Lock Screen when you need to order. Moreover, you can run shortcuts with your voice, or you can create your own shortcuts with the new Shortcuts application.

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