iOS 13 Will Changes All Features

iOS 13 Will Changes All Features

iOS 13 will be the newest mobile operating system to be released next year. So how does iOS 13 change iPhones? Apple has not made any statement about iOS 13 from now on; but according to sources near the company, what will the new iOS version change?

iPad for iOS 13 version of the tablet with many new features focused on the future is expressed. This includes a side-by-side view of the MacOS desktop operating system, as well as a renewed and more capable Files application. It also seems to be experiencing improvements in the way Apple Pencil works.

As you know, Apple has focused on system stability for iOS 12, rather than innovations, after problems with iOS 11. In short, the company will keep the original innovations for the next version of a Yukon code.

The cross-platform applications that have been mentioned for a long time also appear for the first time with the 13th edition. IOS and Mac apps are rumored to have been working on the company for some time now, and are now a little further than expected to run on all Apple devices.

Of course, Apple will stabilize the iOS 12 version and will not deprive users of some minor improvements. The currently known features include new and improved Animoji options, FaceTime support for Animoji, new parental controls, Digital Health tool that parents can monitor how long their children use their devices.

According to the news of Tekonoloji, the iOS 12 announcement will be held in the June 2013 Global Developer Conference (WWDC) 2018. At the same event, we will also learn the first information about macOS 10.14, tvOS 12 and watchOS 5. We can already say that the mobile operating system will meet with the users at the end of this year with the release of the 2018 iPhone smartphones.

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