iOS 13

Apple has announced the latest version of iOS 13, the latest version of the mobile operating system it uses on iPhones, iPads and iPod touchers. The iOS 13 comes with both large and small changes. In our article you will find everything you need to know about iOS 13.

What is iOS 13?

iOS 13 is the latest major release of Apple’s mobile operating system on iPhone, iPad and iPoud touch products. Apple is using major versions every year to bring important updates to mobile devices.

iOS 13 When to publish?

iOS 13 was introduced in beta form for developers right after Apple’s WWDC opening speech, and the company released a public beta in July. Since the iOS beta ya version can often cause some problems with the devices, the responsibility is completely uploaded to the user. If you want to test the beta version of iOS 13, it is best to use a secondary device for beta.

The official version of iOS 13 will come as a free update later this year.

How to Install iOS 13?

It’s easy to upgrade your iOS device to the new version. However, if you are not sure how, you can follow the steps below.

-Make sure to back up your device to iCloud.
-From the Home screen, start the Settings application.
-Touch General.
-Touch Software Update.
-Touch Download and Install.
-Enter your password if requested.
-Tap Accept Terms and Conditions.
-Tap Accept again to confirm.

What’s New in iOS 13?

The iOS 13 includes new controls and ARKit updates to manage the time we spend using our devices, as well as innovations that allow for more extensive augmented reality experiences. Siri Shortcuts offer a more personalized experience for Siri and can now be grouped into both application and genre.


In iOS 13, Apple is particularly interested in improving the performance of older devices. The goal is to increase the performance of iPhone and iPad by up to 40%. iOS 13 will enable it with faster performance as well as performance enhancements like a keyboard.

Augmented Reality and ARKit 2.0

Apple offers a new file format for sharing augmented reality objects, USDZ. The company works with several companies to make the USDZ a standard format for AR object sharing, including Adobe. USDZ can be embedded in the stories in the news and view the objects you can find on the AR on your iPhone or iPad.

Apple also introduced Measure, which can use ARKIT to measure objects in the real world.

ARKit 2.0 supports multiplayer experiences that allow users to share the same augmented reality playground with each other. Lego will offer an ARKit 2.0-powered game that allows players to create virtual Lego sets, interact with select sets and sail together on fun adventures.


iOS 13 brings camera effects to messages in the Messages application. You can add filters, stickers, and even other elements of your Animoji to the photos and videos you send via the Messages app.

Apple Books

The iBooks app is called Apple Books and has a whole new design.


Notifications can be grouped based on the application or topic. You can swipe multiple notifications at the same time. You can stop showing notifications of applications you’re not using.

Do not disturb

The iOS 13 comes with a Nightly Disturb feature, with a subtle tweaking of the Disturbing experience, a minimum notification experience that won’t be disturbed at night and will gently warn you in the morning. You can now automate the Disturbing feature based on activity or location.

Animoji and Memoji

iOS 13 will offer an expanded Animoji character update, including Ghost, Koala, Tiger and T-Rex for iPhone Xs. Animoji will now be able to detect language. So when you keep your tongue out, your Animoji will do the same.

Also, Memoji, which allows you to create your own personalized Animoji, will be another innovation that will come with iOS 13.


FaceTime will be able to make conference calls with 32 participants. Also with FaceTime integrated in Messages, the group will be able to call FaceTime and all participants will be able to add fun effects to FaceTime calls.


iOS 13 will include a Shortcuts application that allows you to add custom expressions that correspond to a specific application, as well as allowing you to create your own custom multi-step Siri processes.

Siri’s suggestions are now more reliable, the lock screen and search will be more useful by offering suggestions on your screen.


The iOS 13 Camera app will feature some filter, animoji and Memoji integrations.


Photos, people, places and events can be searched by name. For example, to find a photo with your friend named ub Ahmet arama from hundreds of photos in your album, just type Ahmet in the search bar. The application will memorize the people you tagged in the photos you share in your social media accounts and will use the database that you create in your later searches.

In the New For You tab, there will also be featured photos that you take along with your Memories. You’ll receive suggestions for people you want to share photos in shared albums. Similarly, people you share albums with will also be given suggestions for similar photos they can share with you.


Apple News will have a sidebar feature on iPad, making it easier to access sections.

Display Time

Screen Time offers details about how you spend your time on your device. You can see how much you spend on apps, how often you got your phone, and how much time you spent on notifications. You can also set Application Limitations that limit your use of certain applications. You can synchronize your limitations between your devices, see your children’s device activity, and set them to leave their devices or access certain content at certain times.


CarPlay is gaining the ability to support third-party navigation applications.

iOS 13 Summary

iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users will be released at the end of this year and will receive many innovations from multi-player AR games and applications to special Siri shortcuts. We will continue to update our iOS 13 article to the public launch.

If you have any questions about iOS 13 in our article, please contact us.

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