iOS 14 Beta 4 Download

iOS 14 Beta 4 Download. Apple released the iOS 14 Beta 4 earlier than the official release date: here’s how to install it

If you own an Apple device, the beta version of iOS 14 is already available and you can install it. Even if the final version has not yet been released, you can access the new operating system features for iPhone and iPad by following simple steps.

The news regarding the beta version of iOS 14 is that everyone will be able to install it, while previously the privilege was only released to subscribers of the Apple Developer channel. In this way, the Cupertino company allows all users to fully test the new version of the operating system, pending the official version to be launched together with the new devices coming out next autumn. So if you want to try it, we will explain how to install it on your device: this is a fairly stable version, but you must remember that there may still be undiscovered bugs that compromise the experience of using your iPhone.

how to install iOS 14 Beta 4

If you have decided to test the iOS 14 Beta 4, we explain step by step how to download and install it on your Apple device.

  • Open the Safari browser and access the “Apple Beta Software Program” portal by opening the login box;
  • Click on “Sign” and enter your Apple account credentials to log in;
  • Select the iOS tab, scroll down until you reach the “Get Started” paragraph, press “enroll your iOS device”;
  • A new page will open, click on “Download profile” and then on the “Install profile” paragraph;
  • A warning will appear on the screen, click on “Allow”.
  • Access the “Settings” section of the profile and select the “Profile downloaded” item at the top of the screen, then press install.

At this point, restart the device and during the procedure download the new iOS 14 Beta Software from the “Software Update” page located on “Settings / General”, which will thus allow you access to the beta phase of the new operating system Apple

iOS 14, the limits of the beta version

Like all beta versions of an operating system, we remind you that even iOS 14 could present bugs that Apple’s developers have not yet identified and which could make the system less stable. These are bugs that developers may not yet have found a solution for and that are capable of compromising both user experience and security.

The beta version, precisely because it is being tested, could also give problems to the autonomy of your iPhone, or malfunctions on critical features of the operating system. So if you don’t want to wait for autumn, try it, aware of its limitations and possible risks, although the beta version is considered fairly stable.

iOS 14 Beta Profile

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