iOS 14 Beta Dowload

iOS 14.3 Beta 4 Dowload. After the Apple WWDC 2020 event, iOS 14 (iPhoneOS 14) and iPadOS 14 developer beta will be available for download on all supported iPhone and iPad models. iOS 14 developer beta / iPadOS 14 developer beta is a developer-only version, but like any iOS beta version, it can be easily downloaded by installing a profile (iOS 14 beta profile). How to download iOS 14 beta? iOS 14.3 beta 4 download and installation steps are in our guide article.

iOS 14 Pre-Download and Pre-Installation Preparations

As every year, Apple will show the innovations-new features coming with the new iOS update iOS 14 in the WWDC event, and then iOS 14 beta will be available for download. iOS 14 is the first beta after the promotion, the version for developers, but anyone who wants to experience the iOS 14 update will install it. Although Apple requires a developer account to download and install iOS 14 developer beta, iOS 14 download will be very easy with the iOS 14 beta profile, which will be available for download on various sites. Of course, since it is a beta version, you may encounter various problems. In this respect, it is useful to make some preparations before moving to iOS 14. If you don’t like iOS 14 or have problems, you will have the chance to return / return from iOS 14 to iOS 13 without losing your data.

Back Up Your iPhone!

Make sure to take a backup of your iPhone. If you have an iCloud account, iPhone automatically backs up under certain conditions, but it’s important whether the backup is up to date. It is useful to check the last successful backup date under Settings – Apple ID – iCloud – iCloud Backup. If you are not using iCloud backup, take your full backup of your iPhone by connecting your iPhone to your computer and clicking Backup Now under General – Backups via the iTunes program. You will see the importance of backing up data from iOS 14 to iOS 13 / downgrade to iOS 14.

iOS 14 Download and Installation Steps

The first version of iOS 14, which will be available for download after the introduction of iOS 14, will be exclusive to developers. There are three different ways to download and install the iOS 14 developer version. Firstly, if you have an Apple Developers account, log in to with your Apple ID and download and install the iOS 14 Beta Configuration Profile. After rebooting your phone, you can download and install iOS 14 under Settings – General – Software Update. If you don’t have an Apple Developer account, you have three options; Finding and downloading the iOS 14 Beta Profile file from any site or downloading and installing the iOS 14 IPSW file via iTunes or waiting for the public version of iOS 14. How to download and install iOS 14 now with all three options see.

iOS 14 Beta Download and Install (With Profile Install)

Steps to download and install iOS 14 beta (iPhoneOS 14) or iPadOS 14 beta with profile:

  • Download the iOS 14 beta profile (iOS 14 Beta Configuration Profile) to your device. (Open directly on your device or transfer the file to your iPhone using e-mail, AirDrop etc.)
  • Select iPhone or iPad in the pop-up window, and then tap Install.
  • Enter your device password.
  • Once the profile is installed, go to Settings – General – Software Update and tap Download and Install.
  • Tap Update Now and enter your device password.
  • iOS 14 Beta Download and Install (Without Installing a Profile)
  • If you don’t have the latest Xcode beta or macOS 10.16 beta (will be available for download tomorrow), download and install the MobileDevice.PKG file on your Mac and then restart your Mac.
  • Download the iOS 14 IPSW file to your iPhone from the Apple developer portal or other sites.
  • Connect your device to your computer using the USB cable and launch Finder.
  • Go to the iOS Summary page and hold down the Option key and click the Restore iPhone button.
  • Once verified, Finder will begin installing iOS 14 beta on your device. After the restore process is complete, be sure to restore the last iCloud or Finder backup to your device.

When will the iOS 14 Final be released?

When will iOS 14 be released? If we answer the questions about iOS 14 release date according to past WWDC events, we will see the iOS 14 developer beta version after the event and iOS 14 public beta version in July. iOS 14 final version will be released with 2020 iPhones (iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max) that will be introduced at the beginning of September.

iOS 14 Beta Profile

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