iPhone X Fold – 2020

The screens have grown, become thinner, and become high resolution. From this year on, they started to suffer. Among the mainstream manufacturers, Apple is the only company that does not introduce a foldable phone. Expected to take a step on this issue in September 2019, the company is expected to take the iPhone, the company is working on the secretly-foldable iPhone model is known.

Apple has to respond to its strong rivals such as the Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X, and it has to do something different in order to keep its innovative identity in design and technology. One of these innovations is a heating technology that extends the life of the screens. The biggest problem with the iPhone XS, introduced on September 12, 2018, was that the screen showed bad colors in cold weather. OLED panels are sensitive enough to make phones unusable in cold weather.

Apple’s foldable iPhone model screen will be used by OLED will be forced. The use of protective materials such as glass on foldable screens is a different problem, and the display panels are now under thinner layers. In this case, it is difficult to make thermal insulation.

According to details from Macrumors, Apple’s patent, a technology that prevents damage to the screen in cold weather explains. According to the patent affected by the cold affected areas of the screen for a short period of brightness is increased, the zone is heated. It is also said that the company can use different equipment for heating.

Another factor that makes the foldable phone screens sensitive to cold weather is the folding action itself. Damage caused by heat differences in the flexing panels during this process. The fact that Apple is not in a hurry about a foldable phone may be that it doesn’t take the risk of collecting millions of mass-produced devices. Because it is difficult to return a fatal error when sales are already in a bad condition.

Apple’s foldable phone is not clear which panel to use. In order to avoid the problems of flexible panels, the company can display a dual screen with a butterfly design like Samsung. We’ll learn more about Apple’s folding iPhone model in the coming months.

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