iPhone X Fold (New Video)

Among Samsung’s and Huawei’s popular folding Android smartphones, many designers are trying to imagine what a foldable iPhone might look like. The latest concept, called ılıy iPhone X Fold F, tries to show how the foldable iPhone will look.

This concept, created by graphic designer Antonio De Rosa, brings together two iPhone’s side by side, and deals with an iPhone X-like design.

The iPhone’s concept in the concept is 6.6 inches when folded backwards and 8.3 inches when fully folded. Both formats used the Super Ratina display, which offers a resolution of 514 pixels per inch.

An imaginative concept, the foldable iPhone also demonstrates how iOS can adapt to a foldable iPhone. As can be seen in the following images, when the screen is folded, many widgets come to the right of the Home screen. Widgets include Music, Weather, Siri and other items.

Apple has several patents on folding smartphones. Last month, Apple applied for the last patent, the screen was folded on the screen to minimize the damage was discussed solutions were discussed. In a recent supply chain report, it was reported that Samsung could supply Apple with foldable displays.

What do you think about this concept? Do you think Apple should launch a foldable iPhone? Please share your feedback from the comments below.

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