iPhone XI and iOS 13 New Design

While the introduction of the iPhone XI is only about 8 months, the brand new details about the new iPhone models continue to come. Now, the iPhone XI designs running with iOS 13 appeared. Here, iPhone 11 will look like this with iOS 13!

iPhone XI designs running with iOS 13 appeared!

As you can see from the iPhone XI designs prepared by PhoneArena, Apple will offer the Dark Mode feature to users with iOS 13 this year.

Recently, the Dark Mode feature comes up with the new iOS 13 this time with the new iPhone models.

Just as you can see from the scrolling images above, we’re taking a preview of what the new iOS version will look like with the dark theme.

The rendering of these renderings by PhoneArena also reveals the design of the iPhone 11. In the rendered rendering of the previously prepared leaks, we also see a smaller screen notch than the previous generation iPhone models.

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