iPhone XI, iPhone XI Max and iPhone XR – 2019 Prices

Technology giant Apple, 2019 iPhone models are working on active. The sales prices of the iPhone XI, iPhone XI Max and iPhone XR 2019 have been announced.

2019 iPhone family consists of three different models as in 2018. They are said tohttps://youtu.be/isARDpOOZVU be the iPhone XI with a 5.8-inch OLED display, the iPhone XI Max with a 6.5-inch OLED display, and the iPhone XR 2019 with a 6.1-inch OLED display. These models have the same price tags as the 2018 models. So, $999, $1,099 and $750 price tags, which will replace the shelves phones, more suitable for those who expect the iPhone is disappointing. With the USB-C port instead of Lightning, the models will come to the agenda once again (still not definite), and the phones will come up with a special coating that will increase their retention. The 2019 XR model will bring a new color option close to green called Apple, 2019 models will only use the Xs Max triple camera. Other models double camera will meet us. It is said that with the triple camera, people will have high zoom possibilities. The industry is familiar with the Nokia 9 PureView to switch to a five-camera. This model also comes within the scope of MWC 2019 and is very curious.

iPhone 2019 Price

iPhone 11 Max $ 1,149

iPhone 11 $ 999

iPhone 11R $ 749.

The biggest innovation in the 2019 iPhone models will be on the camera!

In the news we shared, Apple’s US Patent and Trademark Office in the patent application, which makes an important detail to discover AppleInsider, iPhone 11 together with an important camera feature will be available to users.

According to AppleInsider, new iPhone models will feature a very interesting camera feature. This camera feature allows users to take pictures beforehand.

Thanks to the proximity and gyroscope sensors on the new iPhones, the phone’s camera will automatically turn on when the user moves to take pictures.

However, although this feature may seem a bit pale at first, we should also mention that Apple has approved this feature with a patent application. So how will the screen size of the new iPhone models be?

Other leaks related to 2019 iPhone models!

If you remember, with the latest leak, the alleged bombs on the iPhone XS Max were made. According to the sources shared by Apple close to the 2019, the iPhone XI 2019 model triple main camera installation, 4000 mAh battery, 15W wireless charging support and 120Hz OLED screen will host was specified.

In line with all these exciting details, the 2019 iPhone models were further elaborated.

In this section, according to the reports reported, Apple will be introduced in three different models this year, the new flagships will be introduced in September, iPhone XI, iPhone XI Max and iPhone XR 2019 will be called.

The latest reports from the Wall Street Journal will be built on the iPhone XI’s 5.8-inch OLED display.

Furthermore, unlike the 2018 XR, we can see that the XR 2019 will be built on the 6.1 inch OLED display.

In addition, the XR 2019 is expected to host a dual rear camera installation, which will vary depending on the camera of the previous generation XR.

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