iPhone XI New Design

2019 iPhone XI design appeared!

Leaving behind the new iPhone models, Apple continues its work for a new generation of flagship models without slowing down.

According to the information obtained from sources close to Apple in the last few days, one of the models that will be introduced in September 2019 will be presented as iPhone XI.

The YouTube user, who brought together various leaks with this development, shared the concept video of the 2019 iPhone XI.

Inspired by Apple’s iPad Pro, introduced in late October, the iPhone XI concept video has been acclaimed by users. Without further ado, let us give our dear readers the concept video.

As you can see from the video you can watch from above, the future of the iPhone XI with three camera installations like the one in the previous leakage is re-exposed.

In the XI model, which is supposed to replace the iPhone XS, Apple is said to include a technology that will allow both Touh ID and Face ID to be used together.

Apart from that, when we look at the concept video, we also have a screen design with rounded corners as in the design of the iPad Pro. It should be noted that this display design adds a whole new touch to the new iPhone models.

In addition, black, gray and red in the shared video with three different colors to choose the future XI, is also attracted by the fineness.

2019 iPhone models will include Y-OCTA technology!

As you may recall, we have recently mentioned that with the news we shared, the new iPhone models will come to the fore with its slim design.

According to the information obtained from sources close to Apple, the technology giant related to the Y-OCTA display technology first used in the Galaxy S8 + models signed an agreement.

Thus, Apple’s recent production cost will reduce the cost of this display technology, 2019 iPhone’larla said that we will play a big role in further refinement.

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