iPhone XI – Ultrasonic Fingerprint

2018 model iPhone models did not reach the expected sales volume. According to the emerging information, Apple, “very trusted” by giving up the Face ID technology in 2019 model iPhones will return to fingerprint technology. But this time the fingerprint scanner will not be physical and will be located at the bottom of the screen. Are we surprised?

Allegedly, Apple, the fingerprint scanner embedded in the screen O-film, General Interface Solution and TPK Holding companies have contacted. So what is the biggest common point in these companies? Galaxy S10 is the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner that we will meet with the company. In other words, although Apple will use a new technology, it continues to press firmly.

Apple will first use the fingerprint scanner embedded on the screen on 2019 iPads. Because the fingerprint scanner embedded in the screen has a lower cost than Face ID, Apple needs to find a platform that can test iPhones before integrating it. iPads can be a great test product to decide if the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner will come into premium Apple products.

Apple will bring back the fingerprint scanner, but will not give up Face ID. Face ID will continue to be available as an alternative to devices. It is also possible that Apple will develop a two-step verification system with Face ID and fingerprint scanner. However, in order to prevent the company from becoming the focus of criticism, it would be reasonable to offer this system as an alternative rather than mandatory.

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