Some iPhones will not get an ios 13 update. Check here!

Apple’s new iOS update is eagerly awaited by many users. iOS 13, which is frequently brought to the agenda frequently with the support of dark mode, will bring many innovations together. New developments related to the iOS 13 release, which is expected to be introduced in the WWDC 2019 event from June 3 to 7, may upset some users. Which iPhone models will the iOS 13 update be given?

Which iphone models will get an iOS 13 update?

While Apple has not yet provided an official release, reliable sources have reported that some important models will not be available with the iOS 13 update. According to the Internet leakage, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6S models are among the models that will not receive an iOS 13 update. Considering that these models are used extensively worldwide, Apple may also have a strategic move to a new upgrade.

In previous upgrades, the number of models that did not receive the upgrade was generally less. Another reason why Apple has discontinued updates to these models may be the performance requirements of the operating system. Note, however, that this information is not currently official and may change.

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