iPhone XI New Video

Apple, iPhone XR, XS and XS Max models have not been released for a long time, but already have already started to talk about how the iPhone 11’s design and feature. Although many estimates of the design and features of the phone were made, the highly realistic iPhone 11 video on YouTube was quite interesting.

The concept iPhone 11 video, which is based on a video format very similar to the Apple promotions, displays the new device equipped with 3 rear cameras. Just like the iPhone X, the cameras are positioned vertically and are shown with a different flash feature than the currently used iPhone. The concept iPhone, which was created on the basis of the rumors about the phone recently, was prepared with a ring-shaped LED flash design around the cameras.

The video also predicted that Apple’s new phone will not give up the on-screen notch design. The fingerprint reader embedded in the screen is also among the new features that are supposed to be included in the iPhone 11. A special design for Apple (with support for AIDS), Apple’s video, which is very similar to the design of Apple’s video and social media began to spread rapidly.

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