How to disable automatic software updates on iOS 13?

Automatic updates can sometimes be annoying. During the night the device may experience charging problems due to updates. Continuous updating of applications you are not using may also cause storage problems on your iPhone. You may need to turn off automatic updates on your iPhone to avoid such problems.

Prior to iOS 13, automatic update was not enabled. With iOS 13 you no longer need to manually update applications and iOS. In fact, this is a very good feature for those who do not have storage problems. Because at a time when you had a shortage of internet, you had to update before you could use an application. This also meant a loss of time and internet quota.

For people who have storage problems, jailbreakers would better turn off the auto update feature of iOS 13. Because iOS 13 self-update means jailbreak is also corrupted.

Apple says about automatic downloads: Install software updates automatically overnight after download. You will receive a notification before the updates are installed. Your iPhone must be charged and connected to Wi-Fi to complete the update.

How to turn off automatic update of iOS 13?

Step 1: First of all, we’ll start our journey in the native Settings app. Start the Settings application with a simple tap.

Step 2: Find the General option, select it, and then select the software update from the available options.

Step 3: You will probably see an option titled Automatic Updates, which is set to On. Touch this.

Action OK.

The control is now in your hands. Without opening this setting, iOS will not be able to update automatically. You will be able to update from the Settings> General> Software update section to update.

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