iOS 13 Beta 3 Download

Apple released iOS 13 Beta 3 for developers two weeks after launching its fourth beta release for test developers.

iOS 13 Beta 3 for devices with any beta of iOS 13 can be downloaded via OTA from the Settings> General> Software Update menu. For devices with iOS 13 installed for the first time, it is necessary to download and install the appropriate configuration profile from Apple profils Developer Center on iOS.

iOS 13 Beta 3

According to Apple’s release notes, the fifth beta version of iOS 13 contains some new bugs and offers many bug fixes.

-Paired Bluetooth accessories may not work properly after restarting the device or the address may be shown instead of the device name.

-Using Apple Pay Cash to send or receive money through Siri may result in an error.

-When using CarPlay, Siri cannot open an application by name. The shortcut that is assigned to open an application may not work and the shortcuts that require approval may not work.

-Some Shortcut application requests may not work.

-When using built-in Siri suggestion shortcuts, users may not see the custom user interface.

-App Store error messages may be encountered when trying to install an application.

-The cellular signal bar may appear incorrectly on the iPhone X’s Lock Screen or Home Screen.

-Issues that caused Lock to crash when the Wallet application was opened.

-Data usage settings are set to Display Time for inter-device synchronization.

-The Screen Time feature in the Settings application may need to be re-enabled after the update.

iOS 13 Download

iOS 13 offers significant improvements and many new features for the iOS platform. Apple has revised the operating system from scratch to make iPhones and iPads, especially older models, faster and more responsive.

For iPhone X, new Animoji characters are available with Memoji, a personalized Animoji that can be used in both Messages and FaceTime. In addition, while adding new camera effects to Messages and FaceTime, the Group FaceTime feature paves the way for voice / video calls up to 32 people.

With built-in shortcuts that can be created with the new Shortcuts application and Siri for third-party applications, Siri now has a deeper integration.

Apple brought extensive time management and monitoring tools to iOS 13 with the Screen Time feature, which allows users to track how much time they spend on their iPhone and iPad. With the Application Limit feature, Apple aims to reduce the use of iOS devices and prevent smartphone dependency. This feature also offers additional controls for parents.

The Do Not Disturb feature throws notifications to the Notification Center, which is no longer the Lock Screen, with the updated options. Disturbance can be granted with special privilege for people.

Thanks to the Grouped Notifications feature, it is easy to view and manage incoming notifications, but thanks to the Manage Instant feature, notification management for applications can be done directly through the Notification Center.

ARKit 2.0 offers new features such as shared experiences that allow two people to see the AR environment on separate devices at the same time and persistence that enables AR experiences to be recorded in multiple sessions. Additionally, a built-in iOS app called a new Measurement is offered to measure objects using AR capabilities.

The Apple Map app with iOS 13 is completely overhauled. In addition to design innovations, maps and navigation improvements will be made for the Apple Map application. Apple will launch the renewed Map application from this year, but it is expected to find the end of 2019 as innovations are available worldwide.


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