iOS 14: what to expect in this update for iPhone and iPad

Apple will introduce iOS 14 at the Worldwide Developers Conference on June 3.

In just a month, new Apple products will be unveiled at WWDC 2020. The presentation of iOS 14, watchOS 6, macOS 10.15 and much more is expected. As we know, iOS 12 is focused on improving speed. Many new features are expected in a future update.

The iOS 14 update is the future version of the Apple system for the iPhone and iPad. We have already reported some features. Today, Bloomberg introduced a list of new features for iOS 14. This list is quite large, so we will list the most basic changes.

What’s New in iOS 14

Dark mode is a long-awaited feature for iPhone and iPad. All indications are that iOS 14 will actually get a system dark interface. On smartphones with OLED screens, battery saving is an advantage, since the power consumption of the display will be less.

  • iOS 14 will significantly accelerate the work of iPhone and iPad. Changes will be made to the user interface, which will improve the animation when launching applications. All widgets will also be updated.
  • They will add the ability to manage fonts added by the user, avoiding the cumbersome installation of certificates.
  • New gestures in iOS 14. With three fingers on the keyboard, you can cancel the entered text. There will also be new gestures that make it easier to highlight many elements at once.
  • Safari on iOS 14 will make working with iPhone on iPad even more convenient.

Marzipan Project – More Opportunities for Application Developers. Its main feature: the ability to create universal applications for iOS 14 and macOS 10.15.

  • The functions “Search my friends” and “search my iPhone” will become one application. Apple will also release its own location tracking tracker.
  • To improve multitasking on the iPad, add USB mouse support in iOS 14.
  • The home screen will be redesigned. More changes and improvements are expected within the system.
  • The Photos app will benefit more from integration with machine learning and artificial intelligence.
  • Significant changes are expected for the length of the Live Photos record. Apple plans to increase the length of the video connected to Live Photo, which will be from three to six seconds.
  • More Emoji and Animoji for all iPhone and iPad users with iOS 14.
  • A new technology that will allow third-party developers to collaborate on common documents.
  • New reminder interface.

Siri virtual assistant will be able to distinguish teams from third-party noise and much more.

iOS 14 beta 1 will be released immediately after WWDC 2020

The first day of the event will mark the presentation of the operating system on June 3. On the same day after 19 hours, developers will be able to install the first beta version of iOS 14 beta 1. Testing will last until the beginning of September on all supported devices. Along with this, the next versions of macOS 10.15, watchOS 6 and tvOS 14 will be released.

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