iOS 14 Supported Devices

iOS 14 Supported Devices. A big advantage that Apple can play out year after year compared to the smartphone competition ( iOS 14 Beta ) is the long-lasting software support for old devices. While most Android manufacturers usually end after two major updates, Apple keeps its devices up-to-date over a longer period of time. Even the iPhone SE and iPhone 6s received the update to iOS 13 last year, but it looks like this doesn’t seem to be the last iOS update for the two old-school iPhones.

As iPhone Soft reports, citing an insider source, Apple will make the new iOS 14 available in autumn 2020 for all devices on which iOS 13 can also be installed. Below is the list of iPhones that would receive the new operating system after this message iOS 14 Supported Devices:

  • iPhone SE 2020
  • 11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max
  • XS/XS Max
  • XR/X
  • 8/8 Plus
  • 7/7 plus
  • 6s/6s plus
  • SE

Furthermore, it is assumed that the iPod touch (7th generation) will also receive the new operating system. The new iPadOS 14 is also to be made available for a majority of the devices that are already running with iPadOS 13 – only the iPad Mini 4 and the iPad Air 2 land on the siding.

iOS 14: That changes with Apple’s new operating system

After the release of iOS 13, there were many adjustments that Apple had to tweak again within a very short time. To prevent this from happening again, the company decided to rethink the review process for the new iOS versions. iOS 14 should therefore make a much more rounded impression when it comes to the market.

There is not yet an official list of innovations, but a few topics that Apple has addressed in recent months should be the focus of the new iOS version. You will likely focus on services that use Apple TV + and Apple Arcade in particular. Apple News and Apple Music are also said to play an important role.

What do you want from the new iOS 14? Above all, should Apple work on making the operating system run as smoothly and quickly as possible, or would you prefer to concentrate on integrating new functions? Let us know in the comments.

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