How to Install iOS 14 Beta 3 Without a Developer Account

How to Install iOS 14 Beta 3 Without a Developer Account. In this guide we will see how to install iOS 14 Beta 3 Profile without being a developer and without using a PC.

A week ago we saw how to install iOS Beta 1 on the iPhone, a somewhat cumbersome procedure that required the use of a Mac with Xcode and iTunes. Well, forget the old guide because with this new procedure the installation is much simpler and you won’t need a computer. This is possible because Apple recently released a beta profile making things easier.

So let’s see how to install iOS 14 Beta 3 without being a developer and without the aid of a PC.

ATTENTION: remember that the Beta versions of iOS are intended for developers and may contain bugs. If you want to proceed with the installation of iOS 14Beta 3, do it on an iPhone that you do not use daily and not before having made a backup on iTunes to restore the device in case of problems.

Step 1: Install the Beta profile on the iPhone

  • The first thing to do will be to download iOS 14 beta profile, to do so we will go to the site using our iPhone.
  • The same site reminds us that at the moment the profiles available are those intended for developers and, if we are interested in the public beta profile, we will have to go to the Apple site. However this will not be available before July.
  • We download iOS Beta Profile (Beta 3) by tapping on the Download button.
  • Once downloaded, on iPhone go to Settings-> General-> Profiles-> iOS 14 & iPadOS 14 Beta Software.
  • From here click on the Install item at the top right, enter the unlock code and proceed by clicking on Install again.
  • When the popup opens, select Restart.

Step 2: Install iOS 14 Beta 3 on the iPhone

  • Rebooted the device go to Settings-> General-> Software Update. If all goes well we will find iOS14 Developer beta 3 available for download.
  • Once the Download and install item is available, just click on it and wait for the end of the iOS14 Beta 3 installation process.
  • Finally, to make sure that the update was successful, go to Settings-> General-> Info and make sure that the Software Version item corresponds to 14.0.

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