iOS 13 Beta 2 Download

Apple has released a fourth beta version of iOS 13 for developers. iOS 13 Beta 2 was released approximately two weeks after the release of the third developer beta. Registered Apple developers can download the latest iOS 13 beta right now.

To download and install iOS 13 Beta 2 Download, you can use the Settings> General> Software Update menu on the iOS device where the appropriate configuration profile is installed from the Apple Developer Center.

iOS 13 Beta 2 Innovations and Changes

After the update, it addresses many issues related to features such as Display Time, App Store and Siri Shortcuts. These; Applications on the App Store can not be properly loaded when first opened, the iPhone X’s cellular signal status bar appears incorrectly on the Lock Screen or the Home Screen, Display Time usage data, and settings can not be synchronized between devices.

After updating, Siri Shortcuts may not work when using CarPlay. The iCloud backup may be restored or may not work if the device is locked. It may be the delay of SiriKit queries or the display of an error message.

Apple recommends installing the fourth beta update for problem resolution and restarting the device once the update process is complete. Nevertheless, non-solution problems may be the issue. These issues are expected to be addressed in the next beta release.

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