iOS 13 Beta 5 Download

iOS 13 Beta 5 Download

Apple’s new operating system has begun to end. Now a period of 1-2 months, the remaining beta driver will immediately face the final version of iOS 13. A new update to all iPhone models on iPhone 5s and above, as well as the beta process has accelerated. Immediately after the updates released last week, iOS 13 Beta 5 was released.

With the release of iOS 13 Beta 5 for developers, we saw that Apple is one step closer to the final series. This version also has a significance. Some errors in the iOS 13 Beta 4 series are corrected in this series.

What are the Changes to iOS 13 Beta 5?

The first striking part of the new beta version was to fix the App Store error. As the users of Beta 4 will know, while trying to download the application in this version, we could face the error of stopping the App Store.

It is stated that the issue has been fixed together with new studies in this regulation. The iOS 13 Beta 5 release is subject to other changes. In general, the improvements on improvement and performance increase draw attention, and problems in older iPhone models are being addressed.

Detailed release notes are not explained but we cannot see a very important system in terms of innovation. But even the arrangements made in the performance and bug fixes section are quite important. For now, let’s add that the new beta version for the developers will be published for all users in a very short time. Note that you must have a developer account to install this version. In addition, we will update our news when a new detail about this version appears.

iOS 13 Beta 5 Download

Some changes occurred after the release notes. The first significant change was the battery health app. The ios 13 beta 5 download release of the battery health application has ended. Apart from this, FaceTime sounds have been changed and AirPods wireless charging support has been clearly revealed.

Other innovations are as follows;

-Face ID smiling face removed for in-app authentication
-Apple Music Search menu created
-Updated ’Copy iCloud Link ındaki button on Share Page
-Photos are edited for media types on the Album tab.
-Some icons have changed.


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