iOS 13 Dark Mode

Apple’s iOS 12 with the iOS 12, but is not successful in the one-time mode, iOS 13 will be available in conjunction with. In fact, the name of this property is exactly what it is. Because this feature is called night mode, but Apple does not exactly call this feature night mode. He called the iOS 13 Dark Mode. So it wouldn’t be wrong to call it dark mode.

Located on iOS 12 but not very efficient, this feature will work fully with iOS 13.

When you activate night mode, it’s like changing the theme on your phone. Therefore, we can easily say that most of the users will love this feature. Thanks to this feature, especially during the day is not enough to expose our bodies tired enough to prevent more fat in the evening to prevent.

To Enable Dark Mode;

Settings >> General >> Accessibility >> Screen Features >> Reverse Colors >> You can activate the dark mode by following the Smart Reverse order.

It is enough to follow the same order to restore your phone.

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