iOS 13 New Design

What will iOS 13 offer?

12 versions have not been published yet, but we have already seen plans for iOS 13. The iOS 13 operating system, which is expected to be available to users in 2019, is said to bring significant innovations to iPad models.

After the new update, we think that screen splitting for the iPad will be improved, Apple Pencil smart pens will be made more capable and important changes will be made in the Files application. Let’s add that all these changes are within the hints of the developers.

The code name of the iOS 13 operating system will be Yukon, but with this release, significant innovations will be taken. In short, iOS 13 operating system iOS 13 operating system will not see the iOS 13 operating system. For this reason, Apple is already starting to set up plans and development map is mentioned. It will probably be possible to see increased security measures in the iOS 13 operating system.

iOS 13 Release Date

There are also some claims about the future of the iOS 13 operating system. Even though the WWDC 2019 event is the biggest candidate, it is known that beta versions can be promoted with a special event.

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